Max Track GPS Tracking System
Your personalized fleet manager

Max Track is an intelligent & innovative GPS Tracking System, which help you have full control over your fleet of vehicles/assets and optimize the way you used to work until now.

With our Advanced Vehicle Tracking System & Exhaustive data analytics and reporting, fleet managers and consumers can maximize the efficiency of their equipment, save on the operational cost, secure their assets thereby increasing the productivity of their fleet. Max Track GPS Trackers have been serving varied industries from Transportation to Construction, from Schools & Institutions to Utilities, from Rental car services to Food & Beverage, from Telecom to Heavy equipment & many more.


Why you should use GPS Tracker

Reduces Operational Costs

With Multiple Reports offered in our White-labeled GPS Tracking System, it gives us optimal utilization of fleet and thus enabling to reduce the Operational Cost.

Improve Safety

Safety of Operation is ensured by features such as Live vehicle tracking, Engine Immobilization and Parking mode enable Safety of the Fleet.

Ensures Faster Delivery

With Route monitoring Feature of our White Label GPS Tracking System ensures

that there is no deviation from the routes and avoids any delays in shipments.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

Our GPS with Tracking Device Enables the use of Health and Diagnostics Parameters which indicates breakdown and Preventive

maintenance Schedules of vehicles and leads to reduction in breakdown and maintenance cost of the Fleet.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

With our GPS Tracking software it ensures there is no unauthorized use of the fleet and thus saving the costs on fuel.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Car Tracker Provides the best in class Fleet Management Solutions which also includes Sharing of Details with the customers and stake holders, Ensuring on time deliveries with best services.

GPS Solution

Live Location

It gives accurate real time location of your vehicle anytime anywhere on your mobile/desktop.

Playback History

Review vehicle’s history and activity with actual playback for up to 180 days.

Anti Theft Mode

It triggers hooter alarm on mobile for any tampering activity with the vehicle like ignition On/Off

Vehicle Immobilization

In case of any security or theft, you can switch off vehicle engine from your computer/mobile.

Fuel Control

Prevent Fuel Theft & derive maximum efficiency with Fuel Monitoring System

AC On/Off Status

You can get Alerts and detailed Reports for AC On/Off status in the vehicle


Fix pre-defined perimeters to precisely manage vehicle operations on standard routes.

Vehicle Performance

Capture vehicle’s status & key & parameters like Distance, Speeding, Stoppages, Idling etc. reflecting its performance.


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